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At Platinum Human Hair Extensions we offer a number of different application methods of extensions, suitable for all hair types.

Hair Extension Methods.

Our extensions are completely safe and do not cause any damage or breakage to your natural hair. Hair extensions are a wonderful way of adding length, volume, thickness and shine to your hair, they have a great way of making an individual feel more confident and sexy.

Always wanted hair extensions, but never known where to start? We can help to achieve the fuller, sexier look you are looking for, so why not book a free consultation today?

Micro link Hair Extensions.

Micro ring application is a quick and versatile method of extending hair, single I tip extensions are applied using small metal rings and clamped to hold in place. Many people choose to have Micro rings as they can be removed easily from the hair. Silicone lined Micro rings are used to attach the hair as these will not slip or cause any breakage. This method use's no glue, heat or bonding and is the safest method of hair extensions. Micro rings hair extensions must be maintained every 4-6 weeks, as the bonds will naturally grow down your hair therefore need to be repositioned and moved back up to the scalp. Micro rings are not suitable for people with extremely greasy hair, or fine hair as the rings can slip down the hair shaft.

Fusion Bonding Hair Extensions.

Fusion bonding delivers one of the most versatile and natural looking hair extension methods available. Using pre bonded hair with keratin tips creates single strand extensions to blend and move with the natural hair perfectly. Keratin tip strands are heated onto the hair, the hair strand is then rolled into your natural hair creating keratin bonds. Fusion bonding is suitable for all hair types as it is the most strongest application method. The Keratin bonds can be made very small making them vertically invisible in the hair. Fusion bonding hair extensions lasts between 3- 6 months until the hair needs removing and reapplied.

Nano rings

The smallest hair extension method using individual strands with tiny metal tips which are attached using Nano rings. This method is similar to the Micro links but just 90% smaller, making them more discreet and practically invisible in the hair. Just like the Micro links, the Nano rings need maintenance every 4-6 weeks so they can be moved back up to the scalp.

LA weave

The LA weave is the braid-less weave which is also known as the Hollywood weave, Malaysian weave or Braid-less weave. The LA weave is said to eliminate bulkiness throughout the hair, leaving no lumps or bumps, and gives more flexibility with styling as far as putting your hair up into an updo style without any visible extensions. By eliminating the braid your hair is not braided down and therefore provides more breathing room for the scalp. A track of Micro links is applied to the hair, the weft is then sewn through the Micro links, where the weft sits completely flat on top of the track of Micro links.

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